March 11, 2010 – Thursday Bible Study

Volume of the Book
Lord of the Storm – Earthquakes
Pastor John Kirkwood

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Volume of the Scroll – earthquakes – Ultrasound is a 100% pro-life tool – Spike in earthquakes is *in populated areas* -Revelation 16 – 7 bowl judgments – Earthquake in Revelation 16:18 is the worst earthquake ever – Acts 12 – 5th Persecution – story of condemned Peter delivered from prison by angel – Acts 16 – Paul and Silas beaten with rods and jailed in Philippi – Acts 16:26 is a supernatural, precision earthquake that delivers Paul and Silas from jail – and saves Philippian jailer – Acts 21:27-22:29 – Paul saves himself from scourging by declaring his Roman citizenship – Why didn’t Paul declare his Roman citizenship to the Philippian magistrate in Acts 16? – Hebrews 11:6 – God sends Philip to a God-fearing seeker in Acts 8 – God sends Peter to the seeker of God Cornelius in Acts 10 – God sends Paul to God-seeking Lydia in Acts 16 – Colossians 1:6 & 23 – God sends the messenger to him who seeks Him – Family was important to Philippian jailer – had heightened sense of honor

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