Amicus Curiae

Amicus Curiae - Friend of the Court

Amicus Curiae is one part performance, one part theology, and one part classical rhetoric.  The term is still used in courtrooms today; when translated from Latin it means “friend of the court”.  It refers to an individual who offers information or an opinion on a matter which is before the court.  This testimony or legal brief is offered by an individual unaffiliated with either party and is unsolicited.  The court either chooses to admit the offered expertise or deny it.

In our Amicus Curiae, you will be invited to hear our testimony on a variety of issues, centered around the person and work of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Our opinion is offered unsolicited and unabashedly.  You are free to embrace or reject, as you see fit.  We only ask that you lend us your ear..


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