August 18, 2011 – Thursday Bible Study

5 Things You Must Know About Israel and the End Times
Pastor John Kirkwood

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REVIEW: 5 things to know about Israel and the end times: #1 Israel IS REAL [Israel has a future] – #2 Israel is the epicenter [the culmination of all history will take place around Jerusalem] – #3 you must know the general timeline [the church’s relationship to Israel, the rapture, etc.] – #4 the nations will be judged on their treatment of Israel (Matthew 23, 24, 25) – #5 There will be no lasting peace until the Prince of Peace returns –
Covenant Theology is the dismissal of Israel in the Biblical context – Amillenialism is a denial that there is a future millenium – Reform/replacement theology states that the church has replaced Israel also known as Supersessionism (the church has superseded Israel) – the rejection of the Jews was not total and is not final –
Nothing is more clear in the Old Testament than the restoration of Israel – Deut. 30 – Amos 9 – Zech. 12-14 – Zeph. 3:14-20 – Eze. 16 baby passage tells the history of Israel –
HOMEWORK: Read all of Ezekial 16

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