December 9, 2010 – Thursday Bible Study

Salvation: To God Be The Glory
Pastor John Kirkwood

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Based on “So Great Salvation” series from 2006
Salvation is not faith plus works – C. R. Stam’s Things That Differ – Jim Kirkwood – Rom 8:7-8 the fleshly person cannot please God or be subject to the law of God – 1 Cor 2:14 – Phases of Salvation – Birth, Walk & Destiny – The world, the flesh and the devil are the power of sin in our lives – the penalty of sin has been dealt with on the cross – The law was given for phase 2 of salvation, as an aid to overcome the power of sin in their walk – Grace saves in phase 1 and guides in phase 2 – the law also kept them safe as a people (purification rites) – Deut 15:15

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  1. Charles Brockington

    luke 12:47,48 is about Punishment not hell for believers am I correct?

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