June 2, 2011 – Thursday Bible Study

The Roar of the Lord #2
Pastor John Kirkwood

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[Uncommon show could not be recorded today. John shared some of his agenda. Be sure to ‘friend’ Rob Rienow on Facebook. Palestine war (in 1948) ended with a catastrophe. Palestinian authority statement.]
Revelation 5
Proverbs refers to locusts having a king – Proverbs 20:2 is the key to the map – Ammon & Moab are Jordon today – Tyre & Sidon are in Lebannon today – Damascus is in Syria – Gaza was occupied by the Phillestines – there are more – current contention in Gaza strip, West Bank – Numbers 24:9 who shall bother the lion? – throughout scripture the lion’s relationship with the lamb – Don’t make me come down there – the lion is going to get up if you’re cursing Israel – Jer. 25:30 the Lord roars – Amos 1:2 – Joel 3:16 – this roar shakes the whole world – Amos 3:7,8 – Isa. 42:13 the Lord as warrior – [see the movie, Troy with Brad Pitt as Achilles] – HOMEWORK: Matt. 25:31-46 the judgement of the nations – how did you treat Israel

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