March 18, 2010 – Thursday Bible Study

Volume of the Book
Lord of the Storm – Earthquakes – Review
Pastor John Kirkwood

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Volume of the Scroll – earthquakes reviewed – current events: health care crisis – historic moment – East of Sweden teaching – liberty – ‘right’ to health care – outrageous – power grab – earthquakes: Matt 5:44-45 – Hal Lindsey video clip – increase in great earthquakes – New Madrid fault-line 200 year cycle – Leviticus 26 – cycles of discipline of nations – consequences of following and not following God – compare to US – we are the first generation to separate secular and Biblical worldviews – both sides in Civil War and War for Independence held a Biblical worldview – sheeple created by public education system – Genesis 12 applies to current treatment of Israel – back to earthquakes: 3 main scientific causes – 2 types in Scripture – historic and prophetic – demonstrates God’s power – 2 Peter 3:1-7 scoffers – Bill Maher comes to mind – prophecy – Daniel and prophets wrote about today – lifetime of study gained in only minutes via computers and internet – internal combustion engines increased speed of travel – Obama is first anti-semite president in American history – America has been greatest home to the Jew – these are SIGNS – God loves Israel – the apple of His eye – Asyrian history

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