March 28, 2010 – Sunday Bible Study

The Doctrine of Accommodation
with Pastor John Kirkwood

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Men without chests – muted/neutered Christianity – Bible study/knowledge – salt and light – the lights go out one at a time – contrast – the black regiment – our duty and priviledge to Christ – five cycles of discipline in Leviticus 26 – God’s treatment of Israel applied to nations – first is economic failure – second is military failure

Patrick Henry address to House of Burgesses at Saint John’s Church in Richmond, VA – liberty – war – king – petition – supplication – free – noble struggle – resistance – Holy cause of liberty – a just God – the war is inevidible – our chains are forged – Give me liberty or give me death – Not all Germans were Nazis – Valkerie showed a Christian spirit – This is the most anti-semitic administration in American history – repeal don’t ask don’t tell – occupation with Jesus Christ – human nature to take things for granted – no freedom of speech in other countries – spoiled – complacency – the darker it is, the more prominent the light – joyful warrior

DC Freedom Rally – Anna Puig – Tito (the Builder) Munoz – Michelle Bachmann – Mike Pence (IN) – Jon Voight – Steve King – Dr. Milton Wolf (Obama’s cousin) – Ben Cunningham – No you can’t! – How dare you!

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