May 26, 2011 – Thursday Bible Study

The Roar of the Lord
Pastor John Kirkwood

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Jer. 25:4 and forward – rising early was a sign of clear obedience – Nebacudnezzar was a figure of the man of perdition – sound of the millstones equivalent to employment – More than one judgement – Lewis Sperry Chafer said there are 8 different judgements / John says 9 with the judgement of pastors – verse 15 – all the kings to drink judgement – drink, get drunk and spew – parallel passage of the end times – Jer. 25:30 The Lord shall roar from on high – the roar is from Heaven – Compare ‘judgement of the nations’ whenever you see it with Jer. 25 – Lewis Sperry Chafer reading from Systematic Theology on the 8 judgements – self-judgement of the believer – be accountable to each other (not small groups) – Judgement of the believer’s works at the bema seat of Christ (not judgement of sins) – HOMEWORK: get e-sword; what are the nations in Jer. 25, in Matthew 25:31-46 why are the nations being judged – Next week: Amos 1 and Joel 3, try and determine who the lion is roaring at (hint: it’s not sin.)

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