November 17, 2011 – Thursday Bible Study

A Thankful Spirit
Pastor John Kirkwood

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Gen. 17:18-32 – who is crying? – Jer. 5:1 –
Washington’s 1st Thanksgiving Proclamation
Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation – Gratitude is an inward cognizance in regard to appreciation (Gratitude is an attitude) – Thanksgiving is an outward expression of gratitude / gratefulness – Rom. 1:21 opposite – Eph. 5:20 – For the believer, Thanksgiving is an expression of gratitude to God – Agape is the coldest of all loves – Philia is the warmest of loves – Thanksgiving expresses true appreciation – Col 3:15-17 – 1 Thess 5:18 – Only the mature believer can be thankful in adversity – Phil 4:4-9 – retraining the mind over time – Praise is delighting in the glory of someone else – 2 Cor. 4:15 – Col. 2:7 – Praise and Thanksgiving are something that must be taught – Be ye thankful –

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