One Woman’s View: The Extent of Supply

By: Mary Kirkwood

Dear Believer, it is so important for us to know that we are complete in Him, and that He has made a perfect provision for ALL our spiritual needs. Most of us believe He has made a provision for some needs, but there are others, that if we miss out on, will keep us from reaching our full potential.

The first year of our ministry at Park Ridge on Christmas Eve, we, as a family were enjoying being together when the phone rang. When I answered it I had trouble understanding the girl on the other end because she was crying so hard. I called Jim to the phone, she told him she had been to the church about a month before and remembered him saying at the end of his sermon; “If you forget everything I said, take this home with you, if no one loves you, God loves you perfectly.” She went on to tell him, she was planning on taking her life, but wanted him to tell her how he knew God loved her. We rushed to her house going through red lights and exceeding the speed limit. When we got there, an attractive young woman who was crying uncontrollably met us. She told us when she was born her mother was taken to an insane asylum, her father gave her to relatives where she was never in one home very long. Throughout her life, she never knew of anyone who loved her. She had trusted Christ while listening to WMBI, but never knew of her wealth in Christ. Holidays were very painful for her because she could hear people around her making plans for dinner parties and socials with their relatives and friends. I noticed a beautiful Christmas tree with gifts under the tree – she explained she had bought the gifts and wrapped them for herself. To this day, I have never seen anyone cry hysterically like that. The sobs seemed to come from deep inside.

I try to be some help to Jim whenever we have any counseling to do, but in this instance all I could do was cry with her. Thank God, Jim was in control, and shared with her from the Bible verses that told of Christ’s love. There was a noticeable change as he read the verses – the sobbing slowly stopped, and when we left a short time later, she was smiling and thanked us for helping her know not only that she was loved, but the extent of that love.

What a privilege it is to share with unbelievers that no matter what kind of hand life has dealt them, there is a Savior who has dealt with all our sins on the Cross, and sin is no longer an issue. If they simply trust in Him, they are saved, and are instantly provided with 36 values of the Cross. It is equally important to understand Grace because God has communicated to us that this is the only way to live the successful Christian life. That is what Paul is telling us in Ephesians 3:8-21.

We have a dear friend, who told us, “I don’t think it is important to understand Grace, I know I am saved, and going to Heaven, that’s all I care about.” When we refuse God’s doctrine, we are choosing to be unstable and failures as Christians. It is so hard to convince some unbelievers that you cannot have real joy and peace apart from trusting Christ as Savior, it is equally difficult to convince believers what a big difference it makes to understand Grace. Having learned many important truths from my favorite Bible teacher, two have been especially helpful, “The bottom line is never the degree of difficulty, but the extent of supply, and ” We are citizens of Heaven on loan to planet Earth. ”


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